Information for Immediate Release

radon re-test results

december 18th, 2020

See Results Here: Test

Date: December 16, 2020

To: Superintendents, Principals, Public Charter School Leaders, and

Private School Leaders

From: Colt Gill, Director of the Oregon Department of Education

RE: Continuation of Ready Schools, Safe Learners Section 0c.1.

Operating In-Person Instruction Under Previous Metrics

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE) are extending provisions of the Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance related to the “Safe Harbor Clause."

The in-health metrics for returning to in-person instruction ODE released on October 30 offered a Safe Harbor Clause that allows schools that were implementing the On-Site or Hybrid Instructional Model in compliance with the previous metrics to continue operating in-person instruction under these new metrics. Schools located in counties in “Distance Learning” column of Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance Section 0b. General Metrics were initially provided the option to continue to implement in-person instruction. That safe harbor allowance was initially set to end on January4th pending review by OHA and ODE. This would have meant that schools who have been operating under these prior exceptions would need to move to Distance Learning the week of January 4th to align to the new metrics.

Schools in Oregon that have continued operating in counties with case rates/counts or test positivity, in the “Distance Learning” (red column) have generally not experienced transmission at the school site. Adherence to public health protocols in Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance Sections 1-3 appear to be effective in reducing the risk of spread. These protocols include entry screening and exclusion practices, maintaining small cohorts, wearing face coverings at all times, maintaining physical distancing, implementing hand washing routines, readiness to respond to exposure, and more.

Schools in Oregon are seeing COVID-19 cases introduced to schools. When appropriate actions are immediately implemented, the introduction of a case into a school setting does not lead to transmission to others in the school.

The risk of cases being introduced to schools is higher in counties with high case rates/counts and high test positivity. Risk of spread of the disease in the school environment can be mitigated. As local public health authorities capacity is stretched in counties with high case rates/counts, it is imperative that schools are maintaining accurate contact logs and are ready to support quarantine and isolation requirements. It is important to implement the exclusion guidance to reduce spread. Interruptions to in-person instruction to quarantine after an exposure are necessary. These interruptions are disruptive to learning and should be considered as schools coordinate with staff and community through the equity decision tool to determine the best instructional model for their situation.

Within the next 10 days the Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance will be updated to reflect the conditions in which Safe Harbor may continue in schools that have previously implemented this clause. The guidance will reflect these changes:

0c. Operating within the General Metrics

1. Operating In-Person Instruction under Previous Metrics - “Safe Harbor Clause” as schools transition to updated metrics: Any school operating with in-person instruction in compliance with previous metrics, including under any prior exceptions, released by ODE and OHA may continue to operate in-person.

· If the school is located in a county with current metrics in the “On-Site” or “On-Site and Distance Learning” columns of the metrics chart (above), they may continue operating in-person.

· If the school is located in a county with current metrics in the “Transition” column of the metrics chart (above), then school officials should discuss with their local public health authority (LPHA) and consider the spread of COVID-19 within schools and the local community in deciding whether to return to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

· Unless operating under an exception in section 0d (below), if the school is located in a county with metrics in the “Distance Learning” column of the metrics chart (above), then the school must transition to distance learning if:

o The school experiences unrelated individual cases in two or more separate cohorts without a known source of exposure;

o The school experiences two or more clusters (2 or more confirmed cases) with onset within 14 days of one another;

o The school is unable to maintain staff capacity to adequately serve students or maintain compliance with Sections 1-8 of the guidance (Sections 1-3 for private schools); or

o The school is found to be out-of-compliance with Sections 1-3 of this guidance.

The Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance will also reflect other minor updates, including alignment to the CDC’s new quarantine period recommendations. The ongoing review and updates to Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance will continue as we enter 2021.

Governor Brown has directed ODE and OHA to continue to develop and evaluate strategies and practices necessary to mitigate risk and return more of Oregon’s students to in-person instruction, including greater access to COVID-19 testing, resources to reduce the risk of transmission at school, addressing equity in access to instruction, and the application of metrics.

Thank you for your continued leadership, and please use the ODE COVID-19 inbox for additional questions.

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It is a policy of the State Board of Education and a priority of the Oregon Department of Education that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. For more information, visit the Anti-Discrimination Policy page.

advocating to continue in-person instruction

Information for Immediate Release

NOVEMBER 4, 2020,

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty and change. As an educator in this community, it is important that I reach out to you and your family during these trying times. Covid-19 has flipped all of our lives upside down, but I want you to know that I continue to advocate for your children. I’m joining Angie Lakey-Campbell and other superintendents throughout the region who are advocating for our students to continue to receive their education in person. After nine months we know that Covid-19 is real and it is serious. With that being said, we continually become aware of more research showing no consistent link between school reopening and increased community spread of COVID-19 which makes us question why our students may have the opportunity to receive instruction at school taken away. The Oregon Health Authority, The Governor, and the Oregon Department of Education have stated that the Pine Eagle School District must transition to Comprehensive Distance Learning by January 4, 2021 if our county numbers do not decline. We contend that the protocols we have in place are effective in mitigating the disease and that we should be allowed to make the decision to continue face-to-face instruction locally in conjunction with the local health authority. In the coming weeks, I will be calling on you and your children to help us advocate with our local statesmen as well as joining our social media campaign.

Step 1

By December 11th-

We need you, your children, and your relatives to write to the governor and ODE. I have prepared a template you are welcome to adapt for use. You can access it here.

You can send correspondence to Governor Brown here.

You can send correspondence to Governor Brown’s Education Policy Advisor at

You can send correspondence to Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Colt Gill, at

Please be respectful when doing so.

Step 2

By December 17th-

On December 17th please post on all social media accounts that our students should be in school and that protocols schools are using are working. Photos and videos work best. Please hashtag with #kidsinschool #protocolswork.

Cammie deCastro


Pine Eagle School District

Pine-Eagle School District


CONTACT: Shawn Thatcher 541-540-6590

Pine Eagle School District to conduct radon re-testing December 14, 2020

Pine Eagle School District will conduct re-testing for radon on December 14, 2020 to protect children and school staff from exposure to the radon gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

Radon testing involves the placement of small devices in each of the frequently occupied rooms in contact with the ground. Testing should last for 72 hours. Testing devices are not dangerous, and school occupants and guardians are urged to cooperate with staff and radon professionals while radon testing is occurring.

The EPA has established 4.0 picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L) as the action level for radon. The law does not require schools to reduce radon levels if they exceed the EPA action level. Under OHA guidelines a test result above 4.0 pCi/L requires a follow up measurement. We had one room test at 4.1 pCi/L. OHA guidelines suggest mitigation and retest for any test result above 2.0 pCi/L. We had five additional rooms test above 2.0 pCi/L. We are taking mitigation steps and have elected to retest all areas above the 2.0 pCi/L threshold.

Test results will be made available at the district office and on the Pine Eagle website. Often, elevated radon levels in schools can be reduced quickly with changes in ventilation.

Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. You can’t see, smell, or taste radon, but it is found throughout Oregon and in all different types of buildings. Breathing high levels of radon over a long period of time can cause lung cancer.

In addition, smokers are much more likely to experience lung cancer if they are also exposed to radon.

Because many people spend much of their time at home, the home is likely the most significant source of radon exposure. For children, the second largest contributor to radon exposure is likely to be at school. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) recommend that all schools and homes be tested for radon. Oregon law requires schools to test for radon.

See the frequently asked questions about radon, including radon in schools, at Information on how homes can be tested easily and at low cost can be found at OHA offers free test kits to homes located in zip codes where test information is not available. Find out if you are eligible by contacting OHA’s Radon Awareness Program at 971-673-0440 or

For more information regarding radon testing at Pine Eagle School District, contact Shawn Thatcher at

December 7, 2020


Click here for the adjusted 2020-21 OSAA School Activities Calendar.



New plan pushes start date to February, swaps seasons around and extends Season 1 opportunities

December 7, 2020 – (Wilsonville, OR)

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) Executive Board has revised the Association’s calendar to start activities in February. The OSAA Executive Board was hopeful that the state’s landscape was going to improve when it adopted the current calendar back in August, but that has not proven to be the case as COVID-19 cases continue to rise, county risk level metrics have changed and restrictions on prohibited activities have not been lifted by the Governor’s Office and Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

“Today’s decision by the Executive Board is another reminder of the impact the pandemic has had on Oregon students and schools,” said Peter Weber, OSAA Executive Director. “While disappointed that we need to adjust our original schedule, we believe that keeping three distinct seasons, albeit in shortened seasons, maintains potential opportunities for all students moving forward.”

Board members made it clear during with comments during the meeting that the OSAA and its member schools are bound by the rules, regulations, and guidance set forth by the Governor’s Office and the OHA. Neither the OSAA Executive Board nor the OSAA Executive Director are able to waive state mandates or provide exceptions for certain activities or counties in the state. The OSAA staff continues to be in contact with the Governor’s Office, OHA and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to advocate for a safe return to in-person learning and high school activities.

In the revised calendar adopted today, Fall sports are moved to Season 2 and will begin in February with multiple activities permitted by state guidance. This allows time for case counts to decrease in the new year and for counties to subsequently move out of the Extreme Risk category. Cross Country and Soccer, as outdoor sports, are permitted by the Governor’s Office and OHA in all counties. As an indoor activity, Volleyball is tied to the Governor’s County Risk Level Guidance and only allowed in those counties deemed as Lower, Moderate, or High Risk. Full contact football remains on the Governor’s prohibited list of activities at this time. Discussions around possibly moving Football later in the year were not supported at this time due to concerns expressed by the OSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) regarding the impact that a later contact football season would require modifications to the Fall 2021 football season.

Season 3 features the traditional Spring activities (Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis and Track & Field), all of which are permitted by state guidance as outdoor activities. These will begin April 5 and extend into the third week in May.

The sports calendar wraps up with Season 4 and traditional winter sports (Swimming, Basketball and Wrestling) beginning in mid-May and extending into late June. The shift of wrestling and basketball to the end of the calendar provides the most runway for their prohibition to be lifted by the state. The OSAA has been given no indication that a change will be made in this designation but remains hopeful that a change could occur prior to Season 4. Swimming is currently allowed outdoors for all counties and indoors for those counties not in the Extreme Risk metric.

The activities schedule was revised to allow more time for school buildings to be accessible to their programs. Activities like Choir and Band/Orchestra have been pushed back to the end of the school year to provide their programs the opportunity to rehearse in person if school district policy allows. Cheerleading and Dance/Drill culminating weeks have also been adjusted to allow more time for facilities to open or have weather improve enough to move outdoors.

The Executive Board also voted to extend Season 1 through February 21, 2021 to allow training, workouts and even competitions to occur in those areas of the state that are allowed per the Governor’s Office, OHA guidance, and local school district policy. The Board plans to revisit participation limitations for all seasons, out-of-season coaching policies for Season 2, 3, and 4, and the need for further decisions as a result of updated state guidance or changing risk level metrics at upcoming work sessions.

Oregon School Activities Association

Please visit to view the information contained in this email. Do not reply to this email as this is an unmonitored address. Please call the OSAA Office at 503.682.6722 if you need assistance viewing the information.

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New York Times best-selling author

Terry Brooks

New York Times best-selling author Terry Brooks was kind enough to answer questions to high school students at Pine Eagle High School, located in Halfway, Oregon. Currently, these students are reading his novel "Magic Kingdom for Sale: Sold!"

Thank you, Terry!

COVID19 Information for Immediate Release

NOVEMBER 10, 2020

You may have heard that Baker County was put on a two-week "Pause". Luckily, that does not affect the schools! We are excited to be able to continue with the current schedule we are in! If you have any further questions please call the office at 541.742.2550

Please keep students home who are not feeling well and continue to communicate with us about illnesses. Also, please communicate with us if anyone in your household has either tested positive or been contacted by the health department and directed to quarantine.

Cammie deCastro


Pine Eagle School District


COVID19 Information for Immediate Release

NOVEMBER 4, 2020

Based on the information from the Health Department and how the last week unfolded, the administration team agrees that all students, K-12 students will return to campus on Monday, November 9th. If your child needs to stay home for any reason, please have them continue with their classes virtually and stay in communication with their teachers.

Please keep students home who are not feeling well and continue to communicate with us about illnesses. Also, please communicate with us if anyone in your household has either tested positive or been contacted by the health department and directed to quarantine.

Cammie deCastro


Pine Eagle School District


COVID19 Information for Immediate Release

October 30, 2020


Good evening,

In collaboration with the Health Department, the admin team has developed a plan to move forward. The Health Department is confident that all students who have been exposed are in quarantine and that it is safe for us to resume school.

  • Pk-6 will return to school on campus on Monday, November 2nd with a normal schedule.

  • 7-12 will continue distance learning at home for the week of November 2nd-5th.

    • Classes will take place from 8:00-12:00.

    • Lunches will continue to be delivered for students at home.

    • Decisions about the following week will be announced on Thursday the 5th.

A few additional important notes:

  • Due to new state regulations, face shields are no longer an acceptable means of face covering while on campus.

    • Students and staff with medical conditions can provide a doctor’s note in order to wear an approved shield.

  • Due to new state regulations, masks must be worn at all times, including while outside.

  • Parents are no longer able to escort PreK-4th students into the building. If you have messages to get to the office or teacher, please call the main office at 541-742-2550.

  • If anyone in the household is in quarantine, then all students of the household will remain at home until the quarantine period is over. Please notify the office at 541-742-2811 if this is the case.

Cammie deCastro


Pine Eagle School District


COVID19 Information for Immediate Release

October 29, 2020

Pine Eagle Families,

The Pine Eagle Admin team continues to work with the Health Department in order to make decisions on how we will move forward with school next week. Officials are working on contacting families and contact tracing for exposed students. We are all eager to have answers and a plan! We intend to communicate a solid plan to families by Friday evening.

Thank you for being patient. The safety of our students and community is essential at this time. Please continue to practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings in an effort to minimize risk.

Pine Eagle School District

COVID19 Information for Immediate Release

October 27, 2020

On the afternoon of October 27th, the school was notified that two students in grades 7-12 tested positive for COVID-19. We are currently working with the health department on contact tracing, which will determine whether or not this situation will impact other students and school district employees.

Our goal is to make clear, careful and thoughtful decisions about the education and safety of our students. As we gather more information, we will frequently communicate with families.

For the remainder of this week, our plan is as follows:

Pre-Kinder - 6th grade

  • Wednesday, October 28th - NO SCHOOL

  • Thursday, October 29th - NO SCHOOL: Teachers will send students a virtual message via email, Facebook and/or the district website

7-12th grades

  • Wednesday and Thursday, October 28th and 29th - ONLINE CLASSES FROM 8-12

    • Classes will resume as they were prior to opening on-site

    • A-D periods will take place between 8:00-12:00

Lunch delivery will resume as it was prior to opening on-site.

  • If you have had home delivery in the past, please place a cooler or box outside of your house as before.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and flexibility.

Cammie deCastro - Superintendent

Morgan Gover - Principal

Pine Eagle School District Information:

Pine Eagle School District Website

Pine Eagle School District Facebook Page

Pine Eagle School District Twitter Page